welcome to saryndil, an original high fantasy role play set in a vast immersive world where all kinds of magics are possible. here we pride ourselves on rich lore that allows you to create as desired. want your character to be of a race not yet in the lore? create it and we will add it. have an amazing concept for an area? we can add that too. or perhaps you are more of the sinister type with the ambition to destroy. you can scheme and eradicate an entire race or have an epic battle and change the landscape. we love to see imagination and seek to nurture it in all its forms​.

Among clouds of distorted cerulean and emerald fusion, an ethereal beam of tempestuous energy surged up from beneath Saryndil’s crust. Below the ground shattered, unleashing a mystifying anomaly and Aether weaved a violent torrent in the heavens. Cracks in the landscape rushed forth from the core of the giant abnormality, changing the scenic panorama as power swelled from one extremity of the continent to another. In the wake of this phenomenon’s assault, non-magical creatures fell victim; some incinerated instantly, others miraculously left untouched, and a fair amount acquired Aetherial gifts.
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by Zodiaque
09-01-2022, 02:52 PM
by Zodiaque
This disaster, later termed Cirith Duath, bestowed magical prowess upon a multitude of Humans, Kindred and Daeva. These Non-Magical races now facing a crisis of identity as each must decide whether to accept or forsake their newfound gifts. Meanwhile, the Elves of Thredith mocked by the great dread perpetually looming on their kingdom’s horizon, a sickening reminder of their accursed mistakes. Upset with the horrific insight of lesser races obtaining their precious magics they so incessantly tried to preserve, the Calaquendi devised a plan to maintain the balance of power - they would mark all Aether-Touched to be hunted.
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by Aquarius
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