Pale as the stars who birthed them, the elves of Aelyria settled in these primordial forests and river lands. Bringing into being a civilization that was meant to last all of eternity by the first Bright One. Constructing a metropolis worthy of the Starlit Throne and beauty of a race like that of the Elves. In the bountiful south of Aelyria slumbers the capital of the Calaquendi. Pale rock, vibrant greens and crystalline waters form the divine sight that is Thredith. Taller than any castle or tower crafted by mortal hands, the ivory spires of Thredith reach for the heavens. White as starlight, the architecture of the city scape is crafted in sync with one another than crudely separate. By day the natural flow of Aether feed the crystalline structures that glow with an azure hue. By night however the Aether that flows through ignites arcane patterns and avenues of the city, naturally without disturbing the harmony of Thredith. Illuminating the Elven metropolis with a myriad of colors unseen in any other civilization. Within the pale-white structures, the Calaquendi people dwell. Maintaining the millennia-old traditions, overseen by the Bright One upon the Starlit Throne at its heart.

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