Concealed in the heart of the monumental woodlands of Northern Aelyria lies the refuge known as Nenuial. Shortly after the Moriquendi exodus from Thredith, Nenuial was established and now thrives as a safe haven for outcasts and Aether-Touched. To preserve the authentic beauty surrounding Nenuial, the elves crafted their structures in the hollowed trunks of primeval trees and many dwell amidst the misty canopy looming above the city. Carving runes into the ancient bark to create a magical barrier to protect its denizens. The Moriquendi have fashioned walkways of the titanic roots which traverse the roaring, lucid waterfalls that cascade into the gorge beneath. Nenuial is the sprawling haven overseen by the Council of the Moriquendi, where magic is both an art and study and where the Free Elves defy the Caliquendi’s way of living, studying and practicing magic. The diverse landscape allows for numerous lifestyles based on location and is home to many different creatures based on location.

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