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cirith duath.

A curse. A tragedy. A mark of mistakes made and a warning to all peoples. Cirith Duath stands in Aelyria’s center as an arrow embedded in a sweet Elven maiden’s heart. Death, where there was once life. Discord, where there was once harmony. A stretch of barren wasteland overloaded with sheer Aether, the primordial presence oozing into reality, glowing like flooded rivers. To stay in this place for too long is a danger, for the overload of Aether distorts and bends reality. The woods once surrounding the area eradicated - all living things obliterated. All that remains is cold rock as a mark upon the world. In its very center it stands taller than any tower and mightier than any castle, the remains of the explosion preserved forever in place as a massive construct of raw crystalline Aether that calls furious storms upon itself, with the eye upon the very tip, where arcane energies refuse to rest.

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