welcome to saryndil, an original high fantasy role play set in a vast immersive world where all kinds of magics are possible. here we pride ourselves on rich lore that allows you to create as desired. want your character to be of a race not yet in the lore? create it and we will add it. have an amazing concept for an area? we can add that too. or perhaps you are more of the sinister type with the ambition to destroy. you can scheme and eradicate an entire race or have an epic battle and change the landscape. we love to see imagination and seek to nurture it in all its forms​.

eryn vorn.

Even in magnificent Aelyria there are places radiant starlight can not reach. Rays of light, day or night, fall petrified failing to pierce the haunting veil of the Eryn Vorn. Treachery emanates from within, enticing terrible madness and ghastly allure. Uninvited the living are led astray by grim magics as Aether contorts reality, fabricating perilous deception. Deprived of vital light, trees ashen black cling painfully to the withering environment bent by insidious Aether. Aether flows lavishly here, but unlike in Shyr Thysaer, where its presence grants the woods exuberant beauty, here it shines in pale frailty, drowning everything in an ever-present ethereal fog. All life that dares be born here twisted and deadly. Thus Spectrals run rampant, thriving off the dismal atmosphere, fervently in the wait and search of bodies to possess.

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