ruinas luxuria.

A long forgotten formal meeting place for the Seraphim and Skin Changers embedded deep into the wild. Safeguarded by dangerous jungles and an ever consuming rainforest. It has been many ages since it was last visited by those who called upon it for its original purpose. None alive in the present day have even seen Ruinas Luxuria, only a select few breathe its name from ancient texts. However, venturing out to find it provides its own difficulty, most find their deaths in the jungles and forests that surround Ruinas Luxuria. The few survivors who returned failed to find it in their stumblings in the threatening eden. For upon getting close to the meeting grounds, one begins to chase a mirage, caused by the high concentration of Aether in the area. Bringing them away from Ruinas Luxuria and keeping it protected from curious adventures.

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author Alfirin
created 03-29-2021, 01:05 PM
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