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    Far to the north, reaching for the stars and shielded by storms that make the skies themselves tremble lies a bastion of ice and rock. Frigid, mysterious and full of power like its creators. To reach Ash-Angen is a feat only achievable by the hardiest of champions. Traversing the ebony peaks of Ered Mithrin, stormed by blizzard, rocks and lightning. Stalked by the darkness itself spells doom for the weak. Ash-Angen origins are steeped in mystery and tainted by blood, for it was here the first Vampires, the Precursors, first settled. Accompanied by the elves that would become the Fahar of the Daeva Hordes. An impenetrable defensive structure, Ash-Angen is known as the most protected fortress in Saryndil. Protected by nature itself, with an army capable of sending volleys of arrows and spells. Its stone black as the eternal mountains it was carved out of. Framed with bluish ice and illuminated by the swirling tempest from above. Arcane runes shining upon the walls and halls, magics old and powerful. Towers rise like sharp fangs intent on swallowing the ceaseless skies. Grand bridges and gates are lit with bluish fires. Guarded by the ever-vigilant legions of vampire warriors, sworn to defend Ash-Angen’s walls. This is the fortress of the night. Concealed within are secrets that hide within its massive black halls. Only the High Vampire, who reigns supreme over all of Vampire-Kind upon the Black Throne and their most intimate advisors know what hides in the dark maze of the impenetrable fortress.

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    Embraced by the grasp of the southern edge of Ered Mithrin, grand Rothos-Ver sits upon Deldran’s only lake. The grand river leading to the Kal’Ir is born upon the same mountain springs that feed the city’s intricate aqueducts. A marvel of architecture that displays the same ethereal beauty of the Elven construction, Rothos-Ver shares the shape of a crescent moon upon the night sky. Great domes and towers built upon the snow-white rock that creates a painting that tells the glory of the Vampiric race to all that lay their eyes upon it. Grandiose statues are carved from the cliffs that frame the city scape, titanic monuments of Vampire champions that guard the city as surely as their warriors do. Founded by the vampires that abandoned the protection of the High Vampire in Ash-Angen. Rothos-Ver is known as a nation that enjoys autonomy. It makes its freedom known by allowing all the races of Saryndil to enter its borders to gaze upon its glory. Being a melting pot of cultures and races the streets of Rothos-Ver are a sight to behold. Wonders and people from all around the world find their way here. Inside the city, the vampires live in decadence and those who have immense wealth live in absolute vice and splendor. Though Rothos-Ver slums are equally exciting, calling itself home to mercenaries. Bringing the most talented sell swords from around the world into one spot, offering to defend the city or one offering the most coin for their service.

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