A slim passage where Ered Mithrin splits between the northern and the southern mountain range. Known to travelers as Relahur, the grand entrance of the western desert. A brief yet strange respite from the unviable mountain passages. Relahur functions in most cases as the sole reliable entrance into the Deldran’s Western territories. It is here, assaulted by the dusts and sands that the faces of the Seraphim keep their vigil. In an age long forgotten they were built here by the primordial race, so that those who dwelled in Saryndil would know whom watched over them. Now the Seraphim are gone, but these stone visages remain. Their vigilant faces watching their own destruction as the war with the sands and time consumes them. To traverse this pass one must be ready to face the unbearable heat and gazes of the titanic faces of Relahur. Many may enter, but to leave is another story.

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