Chilling woods decorate the marshes of Ash-Rodenth, stretching through the Southeastern region of Deldran. Expanding its reach towards the cold north of the realm. This grand swamp serves as an entryway for those who wish to travel to Rothos-Ver, City of all People. Ash-Rodenth is bound by putrid waters and constant shadow. Such conditions give birth to the exotic wildlife. Great willow trees with bark as black as the night and leaves of crimson. Frogs and Toads engorged full of venom, gigantic insects that are eager and thirsty for the taste of blood. That is without the population of Vampire that call the region theirs. Humid conditions kept by the many bodies of water throughout the Ash-Rodenth and the thick cover of clouds and mist. Eerily similar to the perpetual mists of Eryn Vorn, that not only makes certain that the heat is unable to escape while the light fails to piece. Rarely do chilled winds sweep across from the North, making the marsh conditions actually bearable. One should not count on it however.

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