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Barren hillsides with miles of savanna grasslands and steppes awaits the travelers who venture to the lands called Dan'Atho. A flowing river sprawling through the length of the territory, with nothing much else. Harsh lands are not home to many inhabitants beyond nomadic tribes and small settlements. Whom hunt through the steppes against the brash winds. One constant remains through the years, prominent upon a steep hill an old watch tower remains. As time passed and travelers with it, the road merchants made the old keep their home. Rebuilding the walls and transforming the silent courtyard into a thriving bazaar. Merchants and farmers offering goods for those who can afford to pay them. These merchants of Dan'Atho will pay good coin for protection. Thus sell swords have come far and wide to offer their services. Caution is advised however, for everyone has their own agenda. From offering to refuge the Aether-Touched refugees, to capturing them for bounties and rewards. All will be set aside however, in the name of harmony with the small outpost, in-fighting in such a place would be everyone's undoing.

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