welcome to saryndil, an original high fantasy role play set in a vast immersive world where all kinds of magics are possible. here we pride ourselves on rich lore that allows you to create as desired. want your character to be of a race not yet in the lore? create it and we will add it. have an amazing concept for an area? we can add that too. or perhaps you are more of the sinister type with the ambition to destroy. you can scheme and eradicate an entire race or have an epic battle and change the landscape. we love to see imagination and seek to nurture it in all its forms​.


Far to the north, reaching for the stars and shielded by storms that make the skies themselves tremble lies a bastion of ice and rock. Frigid, mysterious and full of power like its creators. To reach Ash-Angen is a feat only achievable by the hardiest of champions. Traversing the ebony peaks of Ered Mithrin, stormed by blizzard, rocks and lightning. Stalked by the darkness itself spells doom for the weak. Ash-Angen origins are steeped in mystery and tainted by blood, for it was here the first Vampires, the Precursors, first settled. Accompanied by the elves that would become the Fahar of the Daeva Hordes. An impenetrable defensive structure, Ash-Angen is known as the most protected fortress in Saryndil. Protected by nature itself, with an army capable of sending volleys of arrows and spells. Its stone black as the eternal mountains it was carved out of. Framed with bluish ice and illuminated by the swirling tempest from above. Arcane runes shining upon the walls and halls, magics old and powerful. Towers rise like sharp fangs intent on swallowing the ceaseless skies. Grand bridges and gates are lit with bluish fires. Guarded by the ever-vigilant legions of vampire warriors, sworn to defend Ash-Angen’s walls. This is the fortress of the night. Concealed within are secrets that hide within its massive black halls. Only the High Vampire, who reigns supreme over all of Vampire-Kind upon the Black Throne and their most intimate advisors know what hides in the dark maze of the impenetrable fortress.

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