Blessed to be in the bosom of nature's wrath, Nezben-Ard slumbers beneath a blanket of black ash and rivers of liquid magma. Carving through the earth is the lifeblood of the planet that molds the very landscape. Tunnels forming in the cracked surface where the sweltering rivers of magma have cooled. Found above on shards of the earth are foreboding fragments of civilization. Claimed by the Daeva, the smoldering infernals found refuge in the ashen sanctuaries bound to this hellscape. Beyond the decadence of the scorched structures roam the abyssal warbands and hordes of the Daeva. Ravaging the weak for only the strong survive in this twisted realm of pyre. The frozen grasp of the South erased by the forges of hell. Smog blotches out the sky and leaves the realm below in nigh eternal twilight with the raging fires of the earth spiraling towards the heavens.

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created 03-24-2021, 08:40 PM
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