welcome to saryndil, an original high fantasy role play set in a vast immersive world where all kinds of magics are possible. here we pride ourselves on rich lore that allows you to create as desired. want your character to be of a race not yet in the lore? create it and we will add it. have an amazing concept for an area? we can add that too. or perhaps you are more of the sinister type with the ambition to destroy. you can scheme and eradicate an entire race or have an epic battle and change the landscape. we love to see imagination and seek to nurture it in all its forms​.


Shattered earth bound by permanent frost paints the landscape in ivory. Enthyn’Ad is the southernmost expanse that shields Ranzaugh. For on either side of the region's coast are frozen seas decorated with glaciers that destroy the hulls of any wayward vessel. Not many would dare face the endless white expanse without proper preparation. Only a small window is available to make the passage into the deep north. Winter erasing the natural trails with blankets of snow that swallow the entire region whole. None call this region home save the predators that can endure the harsh environment. Stalking those foolish or desperate enough to flee into the reaches of Ranzaugh. Leading north its natural trails splits towards two points of import.

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