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CHARACTER NAME: Elin Amarthaw AGE: 1,430
RACE: Vampire RANK: Precursor
REGION: Deldran KINGDOM: Ash-Angen

Elin is a woman who appreciates the finer things in life. A narcissistic woman, she likes to surround herself with beauty, and craves it in all of its forms.

In the true style of a hypocrite, Elin values loyalty yet refuses to return the favor. Whether you're one of her valued prizes or not, the woman will find a way to manipulate and use people to her advantage. Having been alive for so long, manipulating people comes naturally to Elin.

Despite having the appearance of a prim and proper woman, Elin has a short and violent temper. If anyone fails her or touches one of her 'treasures', Elin's true instinct of a vampire shows itself. While in this state, Elin indulges in her sadistic side, so her prey should best prepare themselves.


Elin was born the second daughter of two Calaquendi elves who served as Astrals. Before Elin was even born, there were great expectations in place for her. Her parents both knew that she was destined for greatness, they just weren't sure how it would manifest.

Elin was known throughout the realms to be a great beauty as she matured. Her skin was a pure milky white, and her eyes the color of honey. However, it was Elin's hair that marked her as a true beauty, desired by all. Between that and her parents reputation, Elin was thought of as quite a catch. And so, it was only natural that she had many suitors.

As much as Elin delighted in all of the attention, she rejected every single one of them after having her fun with them. She always said they weren't worth it, but the truth is her heart belonged to another. This wasn't to last for long though, as the other woman was of a lesser social standing.

Finally, Elin's parents betrothed her to another elf of equal status to Elin. There was nothing Elin hated more than being tied down to this man. Was this marriage really all that her life amounted to up until this point?

That was when Elin's life changed forever. One day, a tragedy occurred that would forever change all of Elf-kind. Well, Elin's parents viewed it as a tragedy. For Elin, it was the best day of her life. She was no longer locked in a cage. Power surged through Elin's veins, her teeth sharpened into fangs. It was an unknown, frightening feeling. But it was also a beautiful one.

Once this happened, Elin and the others effected were instantly deemed unworthy, so there was an attempt to eradicate those now known as 'vampires'. Deciding that she never really cared for the other elves in the first place, Elin decided to put her new-found powers to the test and fought her former brethren, for the sake of herself and others like her.

Soon after, the vampires retreated into Deldran and set up their new haven. Elin has since lived in comfort, now the feared matriarch of the Amarthaw vampires and indulging in life's pleasures.
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