Aine Edensong

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CHARACTER NAME: Aine Edensong AGE: 26
REGION: Estlora KINGDOM: Estlora
Excitable, nonchalant, and irreverent, Aine's the worst nightmare of every well-to-do fellow in polite society. She eschews the grace and mannerisms of women her age for the thrills of adventure and battle.

Aine travels the road seeking to hone her skills as a warrior to their peak, caring little for the politics of men, or elves, or vampires. Her shrewd mind for business and love of a good fight make her the premier mercenary of her time, if one is lucky enough to come across her.

Yet despite her mania for battle and her uncouth demeanor, Aine is compassionate at heart. She always seeks to help those she encounters on the road, even if it comes at a cost. Often times, she refuses to fight those with good hearts, often seeking out those of evil dispositions to test her skills on.

A folk hero with a big smile and a bigger axe, Aine will travel the continent ceaselessly in pursuit of adventure, and nobody will stop her.

Born to a modest merchant family in a port town of little import, there is even less to be said about Aine's beginnings. She would have grown up to take the reins of her fathers mercantile business were it not for the call of adventure. Yet here she is, a mercenary who lives by the old adage: "have axe, will travel."

Aine grew up learning the trade of her father, carrying his hopes that she would take over the family business. They taught her how to haggle, nickel and diming a purchase to its cheapest value, and a sale to its highest. A talent she would carry with her into her mercenary work.

After leaving home by sail with an axe on her shoulders, Aine was given the opportunity for a more martial education, one that suited her far better than her mercantile pursuits. She was taught how to navigate by the stars, to hoist the sails, and to carve an axe through flesh as well as wood.

Years of varying employment from coast to coast would teach her how to operate among military units, serving as an adaptable mercenary and, well, disposable asset should need be. She had a penchant for surviving those type of deals, much to the exasperation of her employers. She'd get her gold regardless.

Since then leaving home, Aine's made several names for herself on the field of battle.

The Song of War. She got that one when she led her company in a marching song during a skirmish against enemy forces. They say that her voice boomed through the valley like thunder, overcoming the clash of blades and screams of death that followed. She was just feeling good that day.

The Mythril Heart. Ah yeah, that was a fun one. While defending some upper crust type, she dove in front of a spear that would have taken the fops life. They say it drove into her heart, and that she survived only by a miracle. Really, it just barely missed. Hurt like absolute hell though. The banquet in her honor was nice though, as well as the bonus.

Stormblessed. Hell, that one was just uncomfortable. Mostly because she didn't really see or notice what happened to get her that name. Why was she being put up on a pedestal for doing her job? Anyway, she got that when surrounded by an enemy unit during a storm. They say that as the lightning dropped around them, it curves away from her and into her foes. She didn't see anything like that happen, but then again her eyes were caked in blood and mud at the time.

If you're getting any idea from all of this, it's that Aine's got a reputation for putting herself in danger and coming out unscathed. She charges a high rate for her services after all, so she has to damn well earn it. The client leaves satisfied, the soldiers cheer her name, and she moves on to the next job with a smile on her face.

Oh, and a heavy coin purse.
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