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CHARACTER NAME: Rei Bridget Muig AGE: 30
RACE: Kindred RANK: Hunter
She is a friendly, and curious girl. She is active and likes to speak what is on her mind and is not very shy. She does not like to deviate from what she thinks is right. She can be a little bit more shy when she is caught with little clothing or when bathing. She holds kindness to younger kids.

The Aether-Touched is a little bit more of a tricky subject for her. She does not mind them too much, but she does harbor some fear of them. As for Aether-Touched Kindred she feels a bit more unwilling to hunt them unless she dislikes the person/persons to that degree. To her she feels a bit guilty to actually hunt them even against outside influences from other Kindred.

She enjoys fighting to a large degree allowing her to test her strength. She likes the competition and opens her up to become a lot more lively. She enjoys prolonging a fight against someone who seems competent. In victory she would usually spare her enemy, unless they proved to be a threat to her or pissed her off. In defeat she would admit it before trying to make her escape. Expect her to come to respect rivals.

Rei was the second born in her family. She was raised on protecting the forest. As she grew up she was very active causing all sorts of problems for her family. The amount of problems lessened when she reached an age where she could go and forage for food with everyone else. Looking for food was a near perfect outlet for her energy. Near constantly looking around for food, and carrying it food back to the village proved tiring for the young girl.

Eventually she was tested by the hunters before being recruited into their group. The training was tough for her, but she pressed on to be exceptional hunter. She continually trained with the bow, and swords against the older hunters. One day when she was out with a group of hunters they came against poachers. They made short work of them, and she grabbed her first trophy, a wolf tooth necklace. To her that was a crowning moment for her that she used that overconfidence when she went into training and got beat down when she made errors while sparring. After the experience of being put in her place she became more humble, but her vigor did not weaken. The next time for training she came back with more energy with the will not to screw up.

Years passed while she trained, and patrolling the forest for poachers, and intruders. One day there was a bright light and it rained down. She was hit by one of the lights, falling down in fright not sure what exactly just happened. After that she heard of the Aether-Touched and how other Kindred hunted their own kind down. She of course participated in hunting them. More years passed with a new job, to hunt Aether-Touched Kindred if they ran. But when she thought back on how a light hit her that planted a seed of fear in her. She thinks she will need an out and fast.
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