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RACE: Damphyr RANK: Hunter
REGION: Ranzaugh, Aelyria KINGDOM: Nezben-Ard, Shyr Thysaer


•Tunnel Vision
•Overly Attentive
•Hates Vampires and Magic Users

MEDUILOSS (MED-oo-WAY-lyss), no last name. Medui (MED-oo-WAY) for short.

His mother, from what little he knows of her, was greatly fond of winters. She found solace in the blanketing white snow that filled the northern countryside of Draesh-Ves. A romantic at heart left her easily tricked by the fantasy of love. A Krynn Vampire took a liking to her which resulted in her being forced into wedlock and taken north to Draesh-Ves. It was there that she gave birth to Meduiloss and gave him his name meaning Last Snow.

After his birth she took him and fled south. How exactly she reached Aelyria without food, supplies, or proper equipment as a human traveling through dense wilderness is something of a mystery. Regardless she did end up in Aelyria albeit nearly a corpse by the time she reached her destination. Relaying what little she could to a group of Kindred she came upon, she used her last breath to beg before them that they take her son and place him somewhere he will have a chance. Agreeing to do so, they took him in, but not without hesitation.

Medui's differences were well known simply by appearance. He did not favor neither human nor vampire but had a strange in between state. His white hair and heterochromia eyes gave him an unnatural appearance. As such he spent the youngest years of his childhood simply surviving among the Tribe. He had little social connection and came to rely greatly on those that were not weary of him.

As he grew, the pack accepted him as one of them and over time he gained their trust. Learning to fight with a blade and crossbow, and proving lethally effective at it, made him even more respected among his family. He has since lived his life in the tribe as a member of their pack but with an understanding that he will likely one day leave in pursuit of his father- if only to take his head.

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