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CHARACTER NAME: Ra Vestorias AGE: 24
REGION: Estlora KINGDOM: Icthys, formerly; None, currently
Brash. Idealistic. Determined. These traits are at the core of who Ra is as a person. He is single-minded in his goals and hopes for the future, but he is respectful of those who have different ideals from his own, so long as they don't conflict with his sense of moral right and wrong.

To be lowborn among humans is not so bad. Icthys as a society is young in comparison to the eons-old kingdoms of elves and vampires, but a thriving one nonetheless; only the most destitute go hungry.

At least, that was what he thought.

Ra grew up in what should have been a home always wanting, never warm, ever crumbling; yet for their place in society, Ra and his mother were well fed, a fire always soothed their chills, and their walls were quite sturdy. His mother did not work, focused only on raising him up- and yet, the issues of poverty never reared their ugly heads.

Eventually, he learned the reason. Ra's father, whom he never knew until he was a man, had the "Old Blood"- a member of the House of Divinitas, albeit a minor twig amongst the lower boughs of its great and illustrious family tree -whom had created in a lapse of judgement a small family with a common woman of Icthys. By keeping them distant, he could send minor vestibules of his wealth to them, in order to keep them above the poverty line, and a little bit farther out of his deepening pool of regrets.

Cirith Duath changed everything. As Aether suffused the lands, and touched the very essence of humans all across Saryndil, it too affected Ra, when he was no more than a day over eighteen, barely a man. As soon it was revealed that he had gained the cursed gift of magic, the flow of gold to Ra's mother stopped, and even by taking several jobs, Ra could not support them.

Eventually, she fell ill. Without the money for medicine, nor support from his father, Ra's mother passed in her bed. Leaving him alone. Most would turn to bitterness. For a brief moment, Ra did so. But before he could succumb to it, he came to an epiphany- his mother didn't die simply because his father was cruel; she died because his father was a slave to tradition, shackled by the deeply held ideals of the House of Divinitas.

She died because the world needed to change. And if he died trying, Ra swore to bring about that change.
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