Uric Velys

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RACE: Human RANK: Sanguis Apostle
REGION: Estlora KINGDOM: Icthys
In every way a study in contrasts, the only constants about Uric are his unpredictable moods and affectations, which appear to all but the most insightful change on his whim, at the drop of a hat. Wild and unhinged yet conceitful and patient, hedonistic and reckless yet charismatic and cerebral, brash and loud yet unknowable and distant...the Red Hand lies as he breathes and owns a hundred false faces, chaos blanketed in an enigma and wrapped neatly within a paradox.

His disposition, on the whole unpleasant to the layman, is ultimately a marriage between the Apostles' tenets, a genuine love for theatricality and a secret, twisted desire festering in the depths of his soul; to unearth the ancient secret of the Vampires, cast off the shackles of mortality and watch the world rot beneath his ever-living heel.

There is no greater mistake than to assume that, underneath all that lunacy and eccentricity, Uric is but a sad little man who needs some love, a hug and a bowl of cookies with warm milk. No...underneath his lunacy and eccentricity, Uric is nothing but a layered bulb of varying levels of depravity and disregard for the lives of others, clustered around a festering core that has already actively rejected his own humanity in the pursuit of limitless power and eternal decadence.

But he wouldn't have you know that. Not by any means at all.


Living his life in a blur of pleasure, pain and panache, it’s extremely hard to connect the Uric Velys of the present to his past. But, nonetheless, we should always at least endeavour to understand the impossible, even if just a little.

Born and raised a child of Icthys and the only heir to the rich Sanguis-affiliated house of Velys, Uric was always a witty, confident child. Nobody dared to question the loyalty of House Velys to the people, for what their ancient bloodline didn’t dispel, money closed eyes and sealed mouths...but within their ancient crypts, dark atrocities occurred all the same.

Uric, born in that bloody shadow of his house, was trained from delicate boyhood to become the successor to their family line, the next representative of their house in the shady undercouncil of the great House of Sanguis. As soon as he was deemed of age, he was considered for a place among the Aether-Touched Sanguis Apostles for his promising displays of proficiency in deception, disguise, infiltration, assassination and subterfuge. Among the youngest to join the sect, Uric clawed his way through the ranks in a blur of blood, blades and lies, more than fairly earning the ominous name of the Red Hand with terrifying efficiency and skill. Rising to a place of renown within the Apostles, he took on the habit of speaking through proxies and discarding identities as often as worn shoes.

By now, the child of yore had attained an unhealthy addiction to power and the opportunities, pleasure and riches that it brought him. But he knew that all mortal lives must end sometime, and, rich or poor, all men return to dirt. Thus, he decided to spurn inevitable fate, making up his mind to claim a place among the undying ranks of the Vampires, the true Old Blood preached in heretical sermons within the bowels of House Sanguis. With eternal youth, he could spend all the time in the world to amass more power, experience more pleasures and gain more riches than any puny mortal.

Journeying away from his home of Ichthys at the turn of 27 years with the task of scouring the land for new Sanguis initiates, Uric had three things on his mind and nothing to his name save for the clothes on his back. A body double was murdered in his place, leaving him free of burdens. Thus, he set out on an unending pilgrimage through the known and unknown world, searching for the secret that would earn him his eternal reward.

“I shall live forever, and watch all life turn to dust.”
"If being human means being limited,
Then I shall reject my humanity
and cast it to the howling winds"
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