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CHARACTER NAME: Gweneth Ren Erais AGE: 31
RACE: Kindred RANK: kin
REGION: Aelyria KINGDOM: Shyr Thysaer
Ren is bubbly, generous, but a bit irreverent of matters that require far more care and respect. She can come off as almost foolish or disrespectful for this reason, and lessons don't seem to stick all that well even with heavy chastising. It's not that she doesn't want to follow the rules; she simply doesn't understand their purpose sometimes.

Every Kindred born is special. As every couple is bound by tribal law to bear only two throughout their lifetimes, not a single babe born to them is unimportant or worthless.

However, with the young Gweneth Ren, expectation was not a... welcome ingredient in her own personal recipe for life. The younger of her parents' two, they had hoped for her to become adept in the healing arts, as so many of their tribe excelled in. But the young lamb didn't exactly have the healing touch.

At times, there was another that Ren almost found herself jealous of- young cousin Alfirin, daughter of their chieftain. Her precious golden horns made her something worth protecting and keeping close to home. In a way, her existing was enough for her parents. She often wished that her own parents saw her in the same way as the chieftain saw his daughter. Instead, she had to carve her own way to their acceptance- if she ever decided that she wanted it.

Now barely considered "mature" as a Kindred, Gweneth Ren still has yet to figure out exactly what her passion in life is. If not to carry on the traditional art of her people, then what was she really destined for?
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