Khal Gauthier

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CHARACTER NAME: Khal Gauthier AGE: 27
REGION: estlora KINGDOM: estlora
"Reckless? You sound like my last lover. She thought she knew me -- what I wanted... But she thought too hard. It's not that difficult. I want what every man wants; I just want it more."

From youth, Khal has been best described as a man who simply does whatever his heart or passion desires. The concept of 'danger' is irrelevant to him: he openly welcomes danger and brazenly flirts with death. While most people would require 'coin' to get them to risk their lives, Khal would do it off of nothing more than a dare.

He's a man of charisma and passion, his flare for the dramatic and ability to charm his way into danger having landed him into various hotbeds of trouble. Be it into the beds of women he didn't belong with, or simply landing him in trouble with local town authorities or other mercenaries.

All in all Khal is best described as a man who lives in the moment, but who exists for a legacy which has yet to be written.

"I chase danger? No, I follow thrills. Because thrills make legends."
His beginning doesn't matter, as far as he's concerned. No, if you ask Khal, his story begins a mere two years ago. One day, a scholar arrived at his mercenary company with a request unlike any other: after discovering an ancient, old map that detailed a temple dedicated to a supposed War God, they wanted passage to the far north. It was a ridiculous request that no one in their right mind would take it on.

But Khal did, of course.

He wasn't alone -- five others decided to come along with him, knowing the fame, glory and potential for riches would be unprecedented. It wasn't an easy task, of course: the first obstacle? Calaquendi. It was a messy situation, of course, but nothing they hadn't done before. They were a rambunctious lot, always flirting with danger and doing things they shouldn't.

From there, it was a task of getting even further north. To the mysterious land of Ranzaugh, but first, they'd have to get through Deldran. Up to that point, it had already been rough -- they had lost one member of their group, and while going through the inhospitable zone of Deldran -- facing off against both the harsh cold and then the eventual, miserable heat they found themselves losing the scholar. By all means, they could have turned around and headed back -- they could have marked it off as a lost.

But Khal wouldn't.

No, he wouldn't surrender his glory. He would reach Ranzaugh and find this supposed War God temple. He wouldn't stop for anyone or anything. While the others struggled, Khal seemed more than capable of completing the journey. What none of them could have known was that, during their trek -- when they passed through Cirith Duath -- Khal became Aether-Touched, though the effects hadn't been noticeable or immediate. Eventually, they arrived in Ranzaugh.

As they continued along, they followed the map -- Khal guiding them until... It was unlike anything or anyone they had ever seen before. Two of them, monstrous in appearance... The scholar had told them tales -- stories of... Beings that had been forgotten by many.


The fight was incredibly one-sided, to say the least. His companions, despite doing their best, found themselves defeated and killed. Khal? He was soon to join them, but perhaps out of defiance for his apparent fate, used everything he had -- even that which he didn't know he was capable of -- to kill one of them.

Just one.

Because anything less would be unacceptable. And as he fell, awaiting his death and allowing the darkness to take him, he closed his eyes for the last time. Only he woke up days later. He had been tended to by the Daeva that survived the battle. What followed?

Well, that was his story to tell. But he eventually returned to Estlora a changed man. Wearing an eyepatch and with a star now in his remaining eye, the Aether-Touched man, bonded to a Daeva, is hellbent on attaining his glory. Of creating his legacy. And nothing will stop him.

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