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CHARACTER NAME: Radhdrion AGE: 725
RACE: Calaquendi Elf RANK: The Unrelenting
REGION: Aelyria KINGDOM: Thredith
Stoic, professional and with an attitude that seems to exude somehow both tiredness and disinterest, Faron is above all, a tracker and an assassin. This makes him both particularly observant in a constant fashion and also quite the capable actor, as tracking a sentient prey often requires a bit of espionage. When not subsuming himself in a persona, Faron shows himself as a somewhat detached man with noble port. A gentleman with a bit of a roguish charm. Somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, Faron often laments over the lack of adequate challenges to his abilities, enjoying to an extent, the thrill of the hunt even if somewhat jaded from its mundanity. A veteran of the wars of old, Faron shows himself as knowledgable in military matters. His experience in the Cleansing wars made him deeply fearful of the idea of draconic return, urging him to take the Cirith Duath quite seriously, as well as imbuing him with a particular resentment towards Vampires and Daevas.

A veteran of the Cleansing Wars, Faron was born among the children of the stars at the height of the vampiric era. His first three centuries were spent as a scout and spy for the Calaquendi, surveilling the development of the abominations known as Vampires and their affront to nature, the devil-race known as the Daevas. When war finally broke out, Faron marched under the banner of the Bright One to exterminate the hated abominations, earning his name as a scout and assassin. Mountains of corpses, the roar of runic cannons, the incoming wall of smoke from a Daeva horde charging into their lines. These are sights, sounds and smells Faron will never be able to forget. But his final name would be in honor of the horror that still clings to his dreams, even after so much time. Gost, dread, the feeling he experienced on the plains of Ash-Rodenth, where he felt the kiss of dragon-fire for the first time. After the war, Faron put himself in service to the Bright One and his Astrals, obeying the command to bury the draconic truth. By his hand and will were many a library burned, many temples and shrines reduced to ruin and many prophets, dragon-cultists, lore-keepers and scholars silenced. This he did with stoic resolve, for he had faced the winged death. His more recent years were spent as one of the Unrelenting, hunting down Moriquendi insurgents. But now the Cirith Duath has been unleashed and with it, the horrific possibility of draconic return. As he serves the Astrals, he coordinates the Kindred beastmen in their hunt for those unworthily touched by the Aether.
A wounded deer leaps highest,
I've heard the hunter tell;
Tis' but the ecstasy of death,
And then the break is still
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