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CHARACTER NAME: Lissandra Derial AGE: 28
RACE: Human RANK: noblemen
Haughty would probably be a good way to start describing Lissa. She'd always been one to consider herself better than others. Usually, that was with respect to those actually below her in the social ladder, but it never took her long to find a fault in her peers to sneer at. Not that she wasn't without her own, of course. Actually, she is rather good at realizing her own shortcomings - pride notwithstanding - but she just accepts them most of the time, rather than working on them. At least when it comes to character issues. If she fails at a certain task due to lacking in skil, she usually does work on correcting that. Being a bit of a perfectionist, she tends to develop a bit of a single-minded focus when she considers herself lacking in a certain area that she determines as not being beneath her, and she puts a lot of work into getting better at it all. But yes, her personal shortcomings. Those she barely works at. Lissa is who she is, really. And she doesn't feel like committing a lot of resources to changing that. That goes for her haughtiness, but also for her cruelty and preference for violent solutions. Lissa is headstrong and full of herself - if someone does challenge her, she will take them up on it. And she never shows mercy, even towards those she clearly outclasses. Yet, she also expects none in return. If someone is stronger than she is, Lissa will wholeheartedly accept it. And towards those people, if applicable, she will also give her true loyalty. It is difficult to acquire her friendship and trust proper, but once done, she will just about never go back on those. To her, loyalty is the greatest virtue - and as such can only be given to those who deserve it.

She was supposed to simply be another noble daughter of a relatively minor house. Yet, that was not to be. For one, her personality made it fairly difficult for Lissa to ever consider herself minor to begin with. For the other, she showed signs of being aether-touched early on, which caused those of the house of the Sanguis to take notice. Lissa spent a few years in their training and employ, yet did not truly feel like she belonged to begin with. It was useful training and she was allowed to utilize her gifts more fully – but she positively hated having to be hidden away, in the shadows. In her opinion, their members failed to live up the promise that, given their powers, they should be the ones in charge. That they should be able to truly live up and live their gifts.

That was why she found herself so impressed by Rothos-Ver once her travels brought her there. Technically, she was supposed to do a job of her own there. But she did not feel like her masters actually deserved her loyalty. Instead, she was thoroughly fascinated by vampires and their society, spending maybe an undue amount of time there. This, almost naturally, led to her being attacked. Thanks to her gifts and training, however, Lissa was able to at the very least put up a fight. She couldn’t truly win, no, but she did manage to at least make an impression.
And, as always in war, it was imperative to at least achieve that much. That was when negotiations could be pursued. In the end, she would end up as an agent of another once more – only this time of someone she could truly consider her superior. It mattered little that she was being fed upon, especially since she did not have to completely hide herself again. No, she wasn’t just some slave or pet – she was a servant. One that could be given tasks beyond just fetching things. In fact, she positively revelled in anything violent. The thrill of killing truly was something special. Yet, unlike the one time she’d done it before coming there, she did not have to do it hidden away. No, she could openly execute, even if it was not her own authority. But that didn’t matter. As long as she could carry herself above some others, it mattered little that she had masters. Recognition was the most important part. And that, she could get with this arrangement.

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