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ORIGIN: 0 G.E. Southern Aelyria 
CAPITAL: Nenuial of Aelyria
LIFESPAN: Immortal (Old Age & Disease)
HEIGHT: 5’9”-6’4” (female) & 6’1”-6’7” (male)
MATURATION: 290-300 Years
LANGUAGE(S): Est’ild (Noble Elves) Faelen & Aerian
REGION(S) INHABITED: Aelyria, Estlora & Deldran

NAMING TRADITION: When born Elves adorn a singular first name, and as life goes on acquire a middle and last name, which collectively makes their full name. The first name is known as a “Father Name”, and always includes part of the father or mother’s name to make lineage clear. This name is the only name which may be used by outsiders and is a common name. Second names or middle names describe the Elf’s personality and are traditionally chosen much later in life. This name is commonly selected by the individual themself later in life as they come into their own, or is coined later on by the mother Elf out of sentimental value. Due to the emotional value of this name the use of it is strictly for blood relatives or a lover. Third names are an Elf’s last name and represent a major life event or an elaborate accomplishment. This name tends to be acquired way later in life and can be ever changing with the times or one’s character.

REPRODUCTION: Conceived through intercourse and take 24 months to carry to term.

MATING PRINCIPLES: The Elves pledged to the Moriquendi house still practice much of the same tradition as their counterparts the Calaquendi however they’re marriages are not arranged and they have much more freedom in selection of their partners. This is not to say they do not receive criticism from kin for their choices, but it is openly left up to one’s will. They are also open about the mingling of their race with others. They too also begin counting their children’s lives at conception rather than birth. 

MAGICAL DISPOSITION: A very progressive branch of Elves, they believe Aether is a resource that deserves to be used to enhance life and see nothing wrong with practice of magic. However, they do not condone excessive use of Aether and will banish anyone who abuses use of it.

COMMON TRAIT(S): Like their Calaquendi brethren Moriquendi Elves share the same pointed ears and generally long hair even among males, however unlike the Calaquendi they generally have darker and more color in everything. From their hair, to their eyes, and even their clothes, everything is simply more varied. The main reason being that they don’t follow the same course of reasoning that their brethren do, not feeling that worshiping the stars means being pure in that sense, and that every Elf should be free to be who they are-regardless of the purity of their blood or paleness of their skin.

RACIAL DESCRIPTION: While it is true that Elves were one of the original races of Saryndil not all of their ideals would remain the same throughout history, and the Elves are the perfect example of this - being split in two by those differentiating opinions on how the Aether should be used. The Moriquendi Elves are very different from their Calaquendi brothers in just about about every way, save for a few physical traits. They don’t dress nearly as regal and they are much more open to the other races, even purposely associating themselves with the various races of Aether-Touched and training them. A free spirited and open-minded people who embrace the inner workings of the Aether, wishing to harness it’s latent talent for good and seeing nothing wrong with the practice of welding it. As a matter of fact that’s a key point in their reasoning for taking in the Aether-Touched and training them as they do. However don’t mistake this open-mindedness for callousness, they have extremely strong morals on how the Aether should be used they are not hesitant to banish anyone that they see abusing it’s natural power, this is yet another reason for their refuge of the Aether-Touched, they wish to see the Aether’s abilities do more good than harm, and they feel that if they can impound the morals and values of its use into those with their newfound abilities, then the chances of its power corrupting them and causing destruction is considerably lower.



Throughout the history of Saryndil Elves have taken great pleasure in the pursuit of all things magical. The extent of their hunger for magic and the conservation of Aether has always been heavily swayed by their birth ability of Aether Vision. This vision gives all Elves, whether Calaquendi or Moriquendi the capacity to  view someone’s Aether Aura, a trait all magical and Aether Touched beings possess. On account of this power Elves can get the gist of someone’s magical proficiency by the general intensity of an Aether Aura. They can also see the magical essence of all things nonliving.



NOBEL COUNTS - "Cilelen"
DESCRIPTION: The Moriquendi call themselves free elves, unrestrained by the oppression that is the Starlit Throne. Free to pursue the study and practice of Aether manipulation. Free to be more than just their pale complexion, free to serve all of Elven kind equal, free to love whom they desire. The Council reflects this freedom in its highest form, for its members are not chosen on the basis of ancient traditions. Nor the purity of their bloodline or paleness of their skin. They are chosen by the people, the Children of the Star. To lead them and preserve their freedoms they’ve fought hard to obtain. The Council is an assortment of elected individuals who represent Moriquendi's highest authority. Be it admistitrative, religious or military. To be a member represents the highest honor, for the faith and hopes of the free have been placed upon their shoulders. It also means, however, that their actions can be placed onto scrutiny and removed from their seat if they prove to be unfit to govern. Their responsibilities  vary, among them the organization of the defense of the House of Moriquendi, the broader research of Aether and the general well-being and protection of Moriquendi society and values.


FREELANCERS - "Lainedhel"
DESCRIPTION: Free elves who desire to pick up a sword and shield, bow and arrow to defend the sacred freedom of the Moriquendi may become a Freelance. A warrior loyal to the House of Moriquendi and its people. Freelancers are the military element of the Moriquendi, sworn to protect the freedoms of the Star Children. Safeguarding them from the machinations of the Starlit Throne and any other threat that would endanger their people. Widespread acceptance of Aether has led to Freelancers becoming some of the most powerful magic-users to ever step foot on the battlefield. Freelancer warlocks and witches have arcane knowledge other races can only dream of. Mastery over the spells and incantations still are unmatched, It is through them that Aether is focused and released in a violent torrent of energy to obliterate all enemies that threaten Elf-kind’s freedom.

DESCRIPTION: The majority of the free Elven folk is concentrated on their civilian element: the Unchained. In the Moriquendi society, all Elves are regarded equally and with the same liberties. Being able to pursue any craft or path regardless of what connection with the stars their skin may entail. Labourers, scholars, smiths, and artists. The Unchained are a colorful and varied portion of society. It is here that their hard fought freedom is enforced. Not all is perfect however, this sudden and abrupt change from the strict Caliquendi hierarchy has not satisfied everyone and old tensions are still present. With some attitudes and habits widely frowned upon by certain groups and defended by others.



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