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ORIGIN: 0 G.E. in Eastern Aelyria
CAPITAL: Umboth Muilin of Aelyria
LIFESPAN: 1-700 Years
HEIGHT: 11-14 Inches
MATURATION: 100-120 Years
LANGUAGE(S): Faelen & Aerian 
REGION(S) INHABITED: Aelyria, Estlora & Deldran

NAMING TRADITION: Faeries are given a singular name not upon birth but fair time after birth using the language Faelen. The name they are later given carries great meaning and puts emphasis on individual characteristics. In addition to their name it is stressed that you always attach the title of their rank. (Example: Elysia Your Grace)

REPRODUCTION: Conceived through intercourse and take 16 months to carry to term. 

MATING PRINCIPLES: Faeries fondly believe in finding one partner for life, but they have their own say in who they marry, unless related directly the King and Queen of the Seelie Court.
MAGICAL DISPOSITION: They have always had an affinity for magic, especially trinkets or other trophies with magical value. Faeries love to use Aether to cause mischief and collect objects of desire. They are not the best fighters when it comes to turning Aether into magical prowess but they are exceptional at using it to play dirty.

COMMON TRAIT(S): All Faeries are born with wings to grace them with flight. These wings iridescent with an array of colors that change when they age. Their wings are seemingly weightless and are extremely fragile. The slightest rub or bruise can permanently injure their wings, and if damaged enough can turn to dust. 

RACIAL DESCRIPTION: Though the origin of these beings remain largely unknown, many people accept the myth that they are fallen angels who were initially on route to hell, but got caught in limbo and fell to Sarnydil. Over the centuries these ancient creatures have developed their own language, and share it with their biggest allies, the Kindred, who they also share Aelyria with and whom they care for. Faeries have the ability to change their height, they can be as small as a bird or as tall as a human. Some Faerie folk use this ability to cause mischief, others use it for more practical tasks. Unfortunately, Faeries are sought out often by humans because of the beauty and riches associated with their wings



Faeries are mischievous creatures, and as such need an ability that will allow them to create as much trouble as they want. Naturally, a Fae is around the size of a bird but through manipulating the composition of an Aetheric Body they can increase their size equal to a Human. Along with this they are able to change the size of anything with an Aetheric Body to be ten times smaller or ten times larger, which they often take great pleasure in and find useful for assisting their fellow Kindred. Unfortunately, this ability can be used for deviant trickery by Faeries too.



KING & QUEEN - “Your Majesty”
DESCRIPTION: People need a leader, even ones as jolly and colorful as the Faeries. The shining progenitors of the great Hive, the powerful Monarchs of the Seelie Court are true masters of Aether manipulation privy to secrets of magic even Elves can only dream of. The mischievous nature of the Faeries has made their leaders cunning and experts in the deceitful ways of their own Court, as they need to be to maintain their throne. They ensure and direct the defense of the Faerie territories, and their relations with the Kindreds and make sure that their people don’t go just too wayward.

DUKE & DUCHESS - “Your Grace”
DESCRIPTION: In the pandemonium that is the Seelie Court, colorful and unexpected events are constantly in the making. The Winged Monarchs have seen a lot in their lifetime, so surprises and delights are always welcome. A Faerie that manages to impress the King or Queen due to martial prowess or incredible cunning may find themselves ascended to the rank of Duke or Duchess. These Faeries are the ones closest to the Monarchs in the Seelie Court and have been granted with a vote of confidence and protection by the Throne, granting them further influence to aid them in the Court’s machinations.

PRINCE & PRINCESS - “Your Highness”
DESCRIPTION: The privileged progeny of the Seelie Court, the Princes and Princesses are the direct descendants of the King and Queen; this blood connection granting them with the power and influence to raise their voices in the Court. Princes and their feminine counterpart the Princesses, are inexperienced players in the games of the Court but they make up for it with their fervor and forwardness in the myriad of outlandish tactics that dazzle the Seelie Court.  Nothing is as important to Faerie royalty than good entertainment.

EARL & COUNTESS - “Your Majesty”
DESCRIPTION: Just like royalty, Dukes and Duchesses also desire some good old fun once in a while. They indulge themselves by watching the general degeneration of the plain winged folk they should actually be overseeing. Sometimes they find a diamond in the rough, someone special, something apart from the commons; something that would be fun to watch in the Court. Earls and Countesses are Faeries that have been granted a place in the Seelie Court, immediately gifting them with political influence over their peers. While they may have power and a voice in the Court, they’re mostly there to the amusement of the Faerie aristocracy...and to deal with any problem too tedious for them, of course.

TRICKSTERS - “Common Fae”
DESCRIPTION: The bulk of Faerie-kind, the common people of the Seelie Court are a...difficult folk, more interested in causing mayhem than actually working towards any real goals. Still, they are kept somewhat in check by the Monarchy to ensure they can actually work together as a society. Faeries are mischievous by nature, seeking trouble and fun wherever they may find it. This is not necessarily frowned upon, Faerie nobility enjoys to watch their little jokes and long as they don’t get too out of hand.


JESTERS - “The Forsaken”
DESCRIPTION: Mischievousness is the trait all Faeries share, but even amongst rotten apples, there are punks that are simply too much to handle. Those Faeries outside of Seelie Court either by exile, birth or by choice, gather themselves in this loosely organized group mockingly calling themselves the Unseelie Court. True troublemakers and evil-doers, these winged devils are those too extreme for the already bombastic Faerie folk to handle. Their only rules is that there are no rules, the sky’s not even a limit. No deed to wicked, no boundaries to tie them down, a Jester will pursue his pleasure and amusement without the slightest care in anything but themselves.



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