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If you are pleasant to everyone around you then they will be pleasant in return. This is pretty basic - don't be rude or nasty and everything will work out fine. Once you take the time to join up and start getting to know everyone it's evident that we function as a big family community here and like to take care of our own. No bullying, non-affectionate name calling, exclusion, or general dickish behavior will be tolerated.


Doesn't this site look really fantastic? Like it would be a really neat place to spend a lot of time, make new friends, and have tons of fun? We think so too! It takes a decent amount of time to write out replies and be around and as such we ask that you take signing up seriously. If you go through the effort of signing up and creating a character, stick around! Don't spend a few days leading us on only to break our hearts and walk out the door. It isn't very nice.

So you have decided that we are in fact worthy of your attention and you'd like to stick around. Terrific! However, as alluring as our c-box Othello can be, please don't spend all of your time hanging out there. Chatting is fine, but when it's cutting into the productivity of posting then there's going to be a problem. Othello is a very hungry fellow, beware of his voracious appetite should you try your luck and linger too long.


Creating a character means that you are willing to devote as much time and effort as it takes to have a successful character here. To keep things active we have a minimum posting limit of ONE POST a week or TWO POSTS FOR IMPORTANT ROLE POSITIONS. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in getting your character archived until you return and can resume regular activity. If you have an issue with this you can come talk to a staff member and explain your situation.

Character inspiration can sometimes come out of nowhere, leaving you bolting to make a new one. This is perfectly fine! You are allowed as many characters as you can realistically keep active with. Just remember to post as frequently as possible and stay above the minimum post limit.

As for posting with your character PLEASE KEEP in mind that we require you to make posts of 150+ words. If we should notice anyone posting below this limit they will be asked to change it accordingly.


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