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If you are pleasant to everyone around you then they will be pleasant in return. This is pretty basic - don't be rude or nasty and everything will work out fine. Once you take the time to join up and start getting to know everyone it's evident that we function as a big family community here and like to take care of our own. No bullying, non-affectionate name calling, exclusion, or general dickish behavior will be tolerated.


You often hear this term used in threads that are battle oriented but it applies just the same to your standard every day threads. In simple man terms metagaming means what you know OOCly about a person's character you may not use against them ICly if your character has not found out / heard about it ICly. For example a CCG can not just state they have a "bad vibe" about someone's character being a ghoul and automatically assume they're a ghoul. You need evidence obtained ICly to declare this.


Don't do it. Some forum Role Plays allow it when they're heavily skill and stat based for training threads, but we don't have those here and therefore there is no double posting tolerated. Double posting is when in a thread you reply to yourself before someone else has posted back to you.


Be respectful of people and their characters. A lot of time it's ushered to read up on someone's character before threading with them to know about lines you don't want to cross and or limitations. Do not put someone in an uncomfortable position and force them into a situation that goes against their character's ideals. On the contrary there will be situations where this cannot be avoided but these times should be plotted prior to the thread and viewed as an opportunity for character development. Normally though try to keep threads interesting for everyone and not force someone into situations they won't enjoy. It's a muse killer.


However nice it may be to have threads with zero meaning behind them for casual Role Play we urge you to try and give your threads quality material and basis. I believe we're all here to see our character(s) transform and grow just like normal human beings and in order to do this we need to Role Play in threads that will develop them.


Some of you may have heard this term before, some may not. Liquid Role Play is when you're character has the ability to be in as many threads as they like in as many places as they like at the same time. For a clearer picture this means you can be in the United States and Tokyo at the same time in different threads. However the time frame ICly cannot be the same time and you must make it clear that they're different from each other.


Think we can all agree on this that it does not matter how many words you write but the material and quality inside your post. There's nothing a Role Player hates more then being given a post that gives them nothing to respond to. Try and make things exciting for everyone and give them content to respond to. When writing a post make sure to respond as well as instigate. This means write about your character's thoughts and actions in regards to those who posted for and in return give them new material to respond to.


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