( Progenitor )

PLAYED BY: Aquarius

WROTE BY Alfirin

mortality was a truth that even he faced, defying it was foolish. understanding the void however was worth his time. for death had many answers beneath its dark veil. it was for this reason that he journeyed to mortis vale. eyes of ebony witnessed the decay of time upon the monuments of the seraphim. before bringing his attention to the abominations that filled the graveyard. house sanguis have created these monstrosities through human sacrifice. a testament to mankind's darkest vice.

desiring to study the arrogance of humans towards death he perched himself atop a crypt. watching wayward souls and constructs of undeath roam this forsaken vale. it would have been a simple task for him to return these souls to their fate beyond saryndil. they deserved that much for the rituals that returned them to mortis vale were an atrocity. lifting his pale visage to the empty heavens above, a single heavy moon showering him in dull light. 

radiating upon the form of the vampire. to make the sight of the stranger far more beautiful in the night air. though fate had chosen tonight to entertain him. for no longer was he left to himself in mortis vale. Pools of black yearning for the sight of his company. knowing they could not compare to the likes of him. standing up from his perch he began to cast a long shadow. a ward to the strong, projecting fear to the weak. razor sharp fangs shown with his smile. For it was his right as the child of superbia.


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