( Progenitor )

PLAYED BY: Aquarius

WROTE BY Alfirin

Soft plumes of silver escaped pale lips, eroding the warmth of the Aonaran. Protection from the elements did little to stave off the ire of winter. Layers of crimson bundled upon the wanderer. Seeking refuge from the biting cold of Ranzaugh. En'ise bound to its eternal vigil of the North. Forsaken by the ancient world, left to rot in silence. Guardians carved in stone inviting weary souls into its recluse. Entering the realm of the protectors the stranger explored the echo of the past. Frost devouring it whole to preserve its history.

Petrified lumber would be found in large basins meant for pyres. A golden orb seeked the warmth of a wildfire. Conjuring a wreathe of flame from his corrupted aether. Permafrost melted with the burst of heat, combusting the timber beneath. Flame began to snap towards the heavens above as the pyre swelled in size. Devouring the whole basin as a massive pillar of fire roared. Thick plumes of dark smoke rose from its wrath, the scent of ancient wood burning was carried upon the wind. Color began to return to Alfirin.

Journeying through Ranzaugh was a feat to accomplish in the tidings of springs. Not being able to afford biding his time the aspect of superbia came to the region in winter. Seeking the crimson witch whom had cursed him with a smoldering inferno upon his visage. Countless endeavors had come and gone since their encounter in the chambers of the Exordium. Yet since their first encounter where the devil marked him his being began to change. Subtle at first but as the days passed the blight of the Iuliel could not be ignored.

Watching the the pyre he began to see the shape of his interest in the flames. Scarlet shared the wildfire before him in her mane. Envisioning the shape of his ashen companion in the flames. Visions of her figure bare, wounded and vulnerable to his authority in the audience of the Exordium. Such madness was not enough to distract him from the tundra beyond En'ise. For in the darkness beyond the flames he felt her. The tether between them aching from the approach of the she-devil. Masking the pain from his visage he waited for her.


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