( Traveling Bard )

PLAYED BY: Aquarius
Time of Departure


Calaquendi struck in the midst of his slumber with Alfirin. Separating the two from the other. Lucius striking at the elf to protect his new companion but the mastery over magic had the human retreating into Shyr Thysaer. Aether fluttering from his visage as he stumbled into the heart of the forest. Could he seek aid from the Kindred ? Wondering if preaching the name of his lost friend would grant him an audience or protection from the elf hunting him.

Yet he recalled the warning of his partner, tribes beyond her own were not so kind to outsiders or aether touched. Having hid that fact from many, and avoiding the minds eye of the elves. Heart pounding in his chest he had not stopped his fleeing from the moment the fight had turned for the worst. Having not even taken the time to sheath his blade. Having left his magical flute with Alfirin. Caelum than stumbled forward into a ravine.

Tumbling disastrously to the bottom, a loud thud of his injured frame collided with the earth. Covered in filth Lucius body gave up. Passing out in the underbrush, safeguarded by the wild. Having avoided the elven seal being placed upon himself to be tracked by the Calaquendi hunters. Leaves twitching beneath the weight of something else Lucius exhausted eyes opened. Hands reaching for his blade stuck in the earth. Needing its silver to protect himself.


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