welcome to saryndil, an original high fantasy role play set in a vast immersive world where all kinds of magics are possible. here we pride ourselves on rich lore that allows you to create as desired. want your character to be of a race not yet in the lore? create it and we will add it. have an amazing concept for an area? we can add that too. or perhaps you are more of the sinister type with the ambition to destroy. you can scheme and eradicate an entire race or have an epic battle and change the landscape. we love to see imagination and seek to nurture it in all its forms​.



PLAYED BY Zodiaque

Plot of Saryndil

WROTE BY Zodiaque


  • 1725 A.T.E. - CURRENT TIME 1730 A.T.E.

  • Among clouds of distorted cerulean and emerald fusion, an ethereal beam of tempestuous energy surged up from beneath Saryndil’s crust. Below the ground shattered, unleashing a mystifying anomaly and Aether weaved a violent torrent in the heavens. Cracks in the landscape rushed forth from the core of the giant abnormality, changing the scenic panorama as power swelled from one extremity of the continent to another. In the wake of this phenomenon’s assault, non-magical creatures fell victim; some incinerated instantly, others miraculously left untouched, and a fair amount acquired Aetherial gifts.

    This disaster later termed Cirith Duath, bestowed magical prowess upon a multitude of Humans, Kindred and Daeva. These Non-Magical races now facing a crisis of identity as each must decide whether to accept or forsake their newfound gifts. Meanwhile, the Elves of Thredith were mocked by the great dread perpetually looming on their kingdom’s horizon, a sickening reminder of their accursed mistakes. Upset with the horrific insight of lesser races obtaining the precious magics they so incessantly tried to preserve, the Calaquendi devised a plan to maintain the balance of power - they would mark all Aether-Touched to be hunted.

    It was then the contempt of the Calaquendi wreaked havoc within Aelyria’s radiant lands and aggressed outwards from Aelyria to ruthlessly condemn all Aether-Touched beings, deeming them as “unnatural”. Aether had disowned Humans and Kindred till now and they would not tolerate the order of life being threatened; thus, in a righteous crusade, the Calaquendi flooded the lands leaving a runic mark of Aether on all Humans and Kindred affected by Cirith Duath. Of course, the cleansing of such filth is uncouth for the hands of the noble Calaquendi, and as such, they enlist like-minded Kindred to carry out their intentions.

    Not long after the account of the Calaquendi’s resolve reached the Elves of Nenuial, the Moriquendi in response open their kingdom as a sanctuary for Aether-Touched Kindred and Humans. Versed in the disposition of the Calaquendi the Elves of Nenuial erect a magical barrier to keep their city safeguarded. This barrier was fortified with divine Aetheric power to abstain all ill intent from breaching their city.

    In Shyr Thysaer, Kindred conceive a new virtuous code of conduct under their strict moral beliefs, which states that all Kindred who are Aether-Touched shall honorably kill themselves in order to preserve the purity and integrity of their race. The few souls who attempt to flee their ordained demise are fated to spend their mortal years in flight from the inexorable claws of justice. Although most Kindred remain indifferent toward the Aether-Touched of other races, many have aligned with the Calaquendi to destroy these abominations out of fear, merit, or the thrill of the hunt. Some, however, have rejected this view entirely and undermine their kinsmen by guiding Aether-Touched to the Sanctum of Nenuial.

    Within Estlora, Humans are divided on the acceptance of Aether-Touched. One side believes they have explicit privilege to use the magic Aether has gifted them, while the other side valiantly denies it. The House of Sanguis embraces Cirith Duath, exploiting the travesty as an opportunity to rise to power. In turn, the House of Divinitas is steadfast to oppose them, proclaiming humans will become the superior race without a magical crutch.

    All the while festering in the pits of Ranzaugh’s ominous shroud, Daeva, the jackals of hell, have awakened in a frenzy. Inflamed by the recent events of misfortune, their twisted ploys provoked them to extend outside their jailed dominion of Nezben-Ard, with magic now at their disposal. An astonishing terror, Daeva swept across other regions of Saryndil like a plague, hunting individuals for mere amusement and thrill. Very few have any record of their hellish existence, as they have exiled their depravity to the secluded apex of the north. Masses from all races are now frantic from their destructive epidemic-like presence and are attempting to band together to ward off the nightmarish fiends.



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    "A good writer with a sad idea and a malicious side is a person to fear."

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