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GENESIS ERA 0 G.E. - 950 G.E.

» 0 G.E. - 200 G.E.

At the start Saryndil formed from a magical phenomenon known as Aether. This whimsical substance breathed life into the world and evidently was the very life blood of its fascination. From it came the very creation of land and the four initial races Seraphim, Skin Changers, Elves and Faeries. These beings of mythical legend and magical talent were born from the influence of Aether across Saryndil.

» 200 G.E. - 800 G.E.

The first to come into conception were the Seraphim. A race of potent power that resembled humanoid figures but with wings. The will of Aether created the Seraphim from the waters around Estlora brimming with extraordinary magical properties. Aether forged these beings for creation, from the very will of Aether's essence to create. As the Seraphim began their lives in Saryndil they discovered their innate ability to manipulate Aether with exquisite expertise. From this they crafted exceptionally large monuments and other treasures strewn across Saryndil. Despite these accomplishments the Seraphim’s existence remained little more than esoteric and never became fully embraced by the other races.

Skin Changers were just as enigmatic as the Seraphim, if not more in their own respects. Able to change their form at will, these creatures utilized Aether as a catalyst for their abilities. Not as savvy as Seraphim in terms of creation, the Skin Changers displayed their architectural prowess by developing the earliest buildings that were not created from Aether.

In Aelyria, the center most region of Saryndil, the Elven race steadily began their lives. They were considered the child race of this time and were never able to explore the regions beyond Aelyria. Nonetheless, they had a substantially strong connection to Aether and were a naturally curious race. From their inquisitiveness for all things beautiful they developed a fondness for starlight in particular, and formed their ideals and kingdom around it’s influence.

» 800 G.E. - 950 G.E.

The Elves’ infatuation with nature kindled their innocent desire to manipulate Aether, which they used to further cultivate the vast forests of Aelyria. With their ever-increasing repertoire of wondrous natural creations, the Elves eventually captured the attention of Faeries. Mostly benign creatures with a mischievous streak the Faeries initially annoyed the Elves with their antics, but the Elves couldn’t deny the natural talent and intrigue brought about by the crafty race. Through years of cultural exchange and life in the forests the Elves learned Faelen, the native tongue of Faeries.

VAMPIRIC ERA 950 V.E. - 1285 V.E.

» 950 V.E. - 1050 V.E.

Rogue Elves created the first disease through experimentation to successfully infect Elves. Instead of killing off major Elven bloodlines the disease fused within the Elven body turning the victims into Vampires.

» 1050 V.E. - 1062 V.E.

Handfuls of years passed with Vampires and Elves internally at war with one another. The Elves, infuriated with the loss of kin, as well as the disgraceful use of Aether, ran the Vampires out of Aelyria, where they then journeyed northwest into territory unexplored.

» 1062 V.E. - 1072 V.E.

Within a decade, the initial Vampires who miraculously passed through the extreme and inhospitable conditions of the Ash-Rodenth and the Ered Mithrin, settled into the peaks of the snow capped Ered Mithrin mountains where they then created their kingdom Ash-Angen.

» 1072 V.E. - 1172 V.E.

When the Vampires left Aelyria, those close to the Elves who turned willingly chose to follow their kin and supply them with the blood they craved. A hundred years passed and those Elves who had supplied Vampires with blood died, their bodies exhausted from years of service feeding their loved ones. It was from this sin of blood that the first Daeva were born.

» 1172 V.E. - 1275 V.E.

With the creation of Daeva, Vampires spread out across a wider territory, settling into ancient ruins abandoned by the Seraphim and Skin Changers. One place in particular composed of remarkable ruins piques the interest of the Vampires, and they proceed to establish themselves as Ash Vampire there and declare it as their kingdom of Rothos Ver.

» 1275 V.E. - 1285 V.E.

The Elves, interested in where their unnatural born enemies fled to, excavated the region of Deldran. Disturbed by finding the flourishing Vampiric civilizations, the Elves declare a war of cleansing on the Vampires which they then make preparations for.

CLEANSING ERA 1285 C.E. - 1310 C.E.

» 1285 C.E. - 1290 C.E.

Elves begin their campaign on Ash-Angen, and give the Vampires an ultimatum - eradicate yourselves or be slaughtered. When the Vampires did not oblige the Elves waged their war on the Vampires on the plains of Ash-Rodenth. Thus began the first recorded instance of Elves using Aether for harm instead of good.

» 1290 C.E. - 1295 C.E.

Daeva then rushed to the aid of the Vampires, massacring everything in their wake. Unsure of how to fight the race of Daeva the Elven lines recede but don’t stop their continuous attacks with magic. Thousands of days and nights of attrition pass with body counts steadily raising, neither side lessening in determination.

» 1294 C.E.

The rampant abuse of Aether during the war leaves a hefty concentration throughout the land, which in turn attracts a new threat from unknown origins - Dragons. These beasts brought with them destruction, and the flames of conflict in Saryndil withered and died before the great inferno.

The Dragons begin their ravenous hunt to consume great quantities of Aether, swiftly reducing a great majority of them to ash and bone. Perturbed by the sudden imbalance of Aether, Seraphim and Skin Changers arrive at the scene and take things into their own hands.

» 1294 C.E. - 1300 C.E.

The surviving Vampires and Elves are astonished with the sight. Their preconceptions that Seraphim and Skin Changers were merely a thing of the past or myth now shattered. Seraphim successfully push back the Dragons. With the disturbance settled, talks among Skin Changers and Seraphim potentially leaving come into play.

» 1300 C.E. - 1310 C.E.

In response to the steep toll of the war and the resulting Draconic devastation, the Elves place firm restrictions on Aether usage in penance for a catastrophic situation they provoked. The Precursor Vampires collectively decide to sentence all Daeva to the northern expanse of Saryndil, to conceal their existence and in hopes they would fade to mere myth.

To aid the Daeva in their journey north a colony of Vampires accompany them and create the branch of Krynn Vampires. After years of travel through hostile and unfavorable conditions the Krynn Vampire settle north of Enthyn’Ad and raise Draesh Ves. There they live while helping the Daeva excavate even more north uncovering Mos Pyrkagia, where the Daeva erect their kingdom of Nezben-Ard.

AELYRIAN ERA 1310 A.E. - 1725 A.E.

» 1310 A.E. - 1500 A.E.

The trees of Aelyria begin to bloom once again after their untimely demise from the Dragon’s fire. Elves start to rebuild lost cities, using Aether sparingly due to the new hefty restrictions and regulations. During this time, Skin Changers and Seraphim decide their intervention has come to an end, believing the land to be at an acceptable balance. Seraphim having quelled the threat of the dragons leave feeling that they are above the constant quarrel of the lesser races. Their final creation was the Human race, which they left to worship and learn of their creators.

Skin Changers merely fade back to their primary role of being observers. Finding the Dragon threat an object of intrigue, a vast majority of the Skin Changers begin to track down their origin and set off to the land of Dragons. Skin Changers who stayed behind found the Kindred, a race of beings created as a by-product of the overabundance of Aether that saturated the land after the Cleansing War. Thus the Kindred are trained by the Skin Changers to become the next generation of guardians for Saryndil, taking the place of Skin Changer tribes who went off in search of the Dragons.

» 1500 A.E. - 1525 A.E.

Kindred are later discovered by the Elves who surprisingly avoid confrontation with the animal-hybrid race, seeing the beauty in their creation from years of conflict. Elves welcome the Kindred in and begin teaching them Elven methods of hunting and fighting. To solidify the union between their races, the Elven kingdoms handsomely reward the Kindred through riches, fame, etc.

The Human race, still in its infantile state, sets out from its birthplace of Estlora to explore the continent. Upon making contact with Humans the Elves, unaware of humankind’s origins and their connection to the Seraphim, determine the newfound species to be a natural phenomenon and of no threat as they lack access to Aether.

» 1525 A.E. - 1575 A.E.

Kindred eventually encounter the Faeries who have begun to re-emerge from their hiding in sync with the recovery of the forests. The two races bond naturally with one another, and align themselves together for protection from larger, more capable threats. The Faeries aid the Kindred in securing riches, or completing missions for the Elves.

» 1575 A.E. - 1650 A.E.

The Elvish elders collectively decided that it would be best to rid the world of any knowledge concerning the Dragons. Feeling that the weight of leading the other races now falls upon their shoulders, the Elves work to eliminate any recordings of the winged-beasts.

The Skin Changers lament over their libraries being brought to ruin, but do not grieve for long, believing everything happens for a reason. However, a good majority of the group that stayed behind took the desecration to heart. These Skin Changers who became the tribe of observation and action, and took a vow to intervene when the balance of power grew too unstable.

» 1650 A.E. - 1724 A.E.

After years of Aether prohibition, a new faction of Elvish dissidents emerges. Going against the teachings of their Elders and forefathers these Elves theorize that the lack of Aether usage could become just as harmful to the planet as its overuse. After years of being marginalized and silenced by the Elvish ruling class, these pro-Aether Elves take steps to separate themselves from society and proclaim themselves as Moriquendi. As the schism between the two philosophical bases grew, those who stood firmly against the use of Aether named themselves Calaquendi.

» 1724 A.E.

The earth swelled and churned with unfathomable power as blood and Aether flowed into the great ley lines of the continent, converging at the very heart of Saryndil. In a single moment of awe-inspiring light the earth itself tore asunder, releasing the excess Aether and showering the whole continent in the magical essence, infusing it’s will into many of Saryndil’s beings.





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